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The company

DESLI-BLOC, S.L. stands-out for its great knowledge and experience in the archive sector, specializing in the design and manufacture of compact systems and equipment for archives and museums.

As a manufacturer we are fully able to individually adapt every single project  without being limited to any standard production measures. This also allows us to maximize the use of your space as well as offer to  you a customized project achieving Customer needs.

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We make space more useful


  • Mobile filing cabinets sliding on rails
  • Rolling file system
  • Manual, mechanical or automatic movement
  • Personnel access levels

Each compact installation can be adapted to the different needs and locations by  personalizing the management of the space and storage in each occasion.

The best storage system for your art works

Museums and Art Galleries

Each compact installation can be adapted to the different needs and locations, personalizing the management of space and storage on each occasion.

  • Art Galleries: Possibility of installing grid grills to wall or on mobile bases for the archiving of pictures and works of art hanging.
  • Cloth-Storing: Cabinets equipped with hanging bars as well as shelves and drawers for storing clothes and other similar accessories (shoes, hats, belts ...).
  • Artworks: Cabinets, shelves, mobile bases, showcases, bases and all kinds of complementary elements for the exhibition, archiving and custody of artworks even big size or weight.


Archibloc - Deslibloc

Archiving and storage systems by mobile filing cabinets sliding on rails allow optimum use of the space and the quick location of each and every item stored.

Bibloc - Deslibloc

The Bibloc system is the perfect combination of avant-garde design and capacity optimization, offering ideal solutions for libraries. The wide range of possibilities of the file system Bibloc adapts to any environment or aesthetic requirement.

The best storage system for your art works.

ARTISBLOC arises from the need for archiving and conservation generated by the volume of works of art in Museums, Art Galleries and Art Rooms.

The wide range of accessories ARTISBLOC offers the best solution for each case always prioritizing the best conditions of archiving on such valuable objects

Mediabloc - Deslibloc

Facilities specially designed for the storage of films, video tapes, unique films, etc. Rationalization of the space and design that guarantees the perfect conservation of any audiovisual material.

Clinicbloc - Deslibloc

Storage solutions for all types of hospital materials and sanitary supplies that require optimum conditions and specific conservation. Designed to ensure easy location.

Stockbloc - Deslibloc

Comprehensive custom solutions for archives and warehouses for light loads.

Wide possibilities of storage of any type of product. Various exterior finishes adaptable to the particular requirements of each Client or environment

Deslibloc a medida

Desli-bloc, S.L. is able to manufacture adapting milimetrically to the needs of the customer, without being subject to standard productions. The measures indicated in this web are preventive, but can be varied to adapt them to the required ones in each occasion

Equipment for wardrobes and clothing storages. Optimization of the space and perfect conservation of the content thanks to our design and experience.

Equipment for all types of offices. Modern and comfortable furnitures.

We design turn-key projects and guarantee the integral supply of equipment and furniture.